Town of Red Cliff

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Government of the Town of Red Cliff, Colorado

Red Cliff is a statutory town and the oldest incorporated town in Eagle County, being established in 1879 and incorporated in

1880. It is governed by a mayor and a Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is also the Planning and Zoning Commission.

There is currently a full time town clerk to answer questions that come through the Town Hall. Due to an increase in growth

 and development  in the region, the town has also hired an, attorney and town planner.

Town Clerk's Office

Barb Smith, Red Cliff's Town Clerk, is available at the Town Offices from 8AM until 4PM, Monday through Friday.  If there

is some information you need and can't find here, or updated information needed, you can call the Town Office at 

(970) 827-5303

or email:   

Need to Request a Town Record?

If you would like to request any of the Town of Red Cliff's open records, please fill out the record request form

attached below, and return it to the town office either via email, in person or via mail.